Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Preview: Guestbook

Katie and I are getting married in June, and as you may know, we're having a steampunk themed wedding.  Since that's exactly the theme of this blog, it's only fitting that I share a bit of it with  you.  Over the next few months, I'll post pictures of some of the smaller items related to our wedding and closeups of details for some of the larger pieces.  This way, we can keep the whole picture under wraps until closer to the wedding date.

Both Katie and I don't really care for the idea of a traditional guest book.  A simple list of the people who came to our wedding seems silly.  We'll already know who's there.  They'll have RSVPd ahead of time.  This is why we're doing something different.  Several years ago now, one of the advisers for our Fraternity (yes, we're in the same Fraternity, it's co-ed, and not relevant to the story) turned 80 years old.  He did this the same year that we celebrated him being an adviser for 50 years.  Since he had a half a century of Brothers behind him and could certainly not remember the best stories from all of them, we set up a story book.  We passed around a journal and asked all of the guests who came up to celebrate with him to write a story of a particularly fond memory or something special and important that happened with him. This went over really well, so we decided to duplicate the story book for our wedding.

Last Saturday, we stopped by Off the Beaten Path, our favorite bookstore (hopefully to be featured in its own post in the future) and found a journal.  I suppose I should give a little background here.  Off the Beaten Path is an independent bookstore primarily featuring steampunk and other scifi books.  A portion of their business is dedicated to jewelry, hats, and other craft items of a steamy nature.  All of the items are handmade, all by people in the region.  One of the makers is Steampunk Leather.  They make everything from the fairly expected (goggles) to the completely wild (a bandoleer of knives), and many other things.  The journal we picked up is one of those things that they make.

I suppose it would be a bit more accurate to call this a journal cover, since the journal inside is replaceable.  Personally, I find this even better.  It would be a shame to find something so interesting and well made, only to have it rendered useless as soon as the book inside is filled.  The cover is made of one piece of durable black leather that will only gain character as it ages.  The corners and spine are reinforced with hand tooled gray leather held tightly with nickel plated rivets.  The clasp, shown in greater detail below, is a turning tri lobe style with a nickel finish.  It too is held firmly in place with rivets.

Inside, the front and back covers are held in place inside simple, yet effective, slip pockets.  The pockets on the large version (which we have) will support journals up to nine inches tall.  Given the construction style of the cover, the width and thickness of the journal supported are interdependent.  Really, there's only one thing that I would ever change about this journal/cover.  I'd add a loop of some sort by which to attach a writing implement.  However, the journal is quite fantastic as is.  It's absolutely gorgeous, well made, and something that I'll be quite happy to pass around at our wedding. 

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