Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside a Steampunk Wedding: Purely Pictures

Now that I'm about halfway done editing all of the pictures that Trent took at my and Katie's wedding, I'm finally ready to share some of my favorites with you.  I want to keep a lot of the details reserved for full recap posts, so there will be minimal captioning.  Please enjoy our pictures and share them with your friends and family.  Practical, stress free weddings really do exist.  In the coming weeks, Katie and I will show you how we made ours happen.

 Remember all of those teacups that I was sharing pictures of?  I'm about to reveal their purpose.

 Each teacup was filled with a wrapped collection of some of our favorite Stash teas.  We had Double Bergamot Earl Grey, Lemon Ginger Herbal, Spiced Chai, Peach Black Tea, and Moroccan Mint Green Tea.
 The teacups were given as favors to our guests.  Each could choose whichever teacup they liked, use it for the day and then take it home as a memento.
  Katie's hat is by Blonde Swan.
The hat belt and hat I wear are also from Blonde Swan.  The plumage, I threw together the night before because I was jealous that both Katie and Scott had some and I didn't.
 Katie's aunt and cousins team up to put the finishing touches on the cake.  The frame to the left has the period accurate tintype picture that we were able to have taken for the wedding.  Again, a big thanks to Jeni from Multiculturalism for Steampunk for helping to make that happen.
Katie made her bouquet from lace, ribbon, faux pearls, feathers, and some herbs that she trimmed from our balcony garden that morning.  My cane is from The Gentleman's Emporium
Katie's aunt Kesara makes the best sugar roses that I've ever seen.  The most impressive part is the speed at which she can create these beauties.
 Katie looks like a kind of giddy assassin bride when she holds one of the guns for our bubble girls like that.
 Yes, I'm aware that my sunglasses make me look all bug-eyed.  However, they're the only ones that fit over the top of my regular glasses.
 Katie's mom had a smile roughly this big all day.
 We had the most fantastic cake ever.
 Our chairs were expertly arranged by Katie's sister, the architect.  She'd probably add some bollocks comment about how the white of the chairs really sets off the white of the trim on the conservatory.
 The gardens were nice enough to provide us with complimentary parasols for our guests to use.
 Our officiant and good friend Scott was conscripted to aid the bubble girls down the aisle.

We were lucky enough to have the most adorable bubble girl in the world.  Katie's three year old cousin Kassandra (aka KK) made darn sure that everybody knew what was going on when she announced "Hey everybody, Katie's having a wedding" as she walked down the aisle.
 Two of our good friends from college Rob and Haley were part of the wedding party.  Katie made Haley's skirts for her in under two days.
 We kept Katie's dad happy in his quest to live his entire life without having to wear a tuxedo.  He's wearing a tie that matches the groomsmen and I.

 As part of our nerdiness, we allowed Scott to conduct the ceremony via iPad.
  "Katie, you may kiss your husband."
 Despite my goofy look, this is one of my favorite pictures.  The look of joy on Katie's face more than makes up for my failure to make an entertaining expression.
 We know how to make an exit.  Katie and I danced our way back down the aisle to Rusted Root's "Send Me on My Way".  Here, I take a moment to spin Katie and show off her outfit.
 Our wedding party from left to right: Rob (Fraternity Brother to us both), Ira (my Pledge Brother), Ben (my best friend since high school), me, Katie, Rebecca (Katie's sister), Haley (Fraternity Brother to us both), Elise (Katie's good friend from high school).
 One of our bubble girls with her older sister.
 I'll give you one one guess what we're doing back there.
 In the three seconds she stood still while on her feet, I stole a kiss from KK.
 Cake cutting!  The gear that the cake was displayed upon was custom made for us by Cogbots.
It's not a Mu Beta Psi / Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band wedding until the Brothers / Pep Banders Sunshine the bride and groom.
 Making things official.
 One last hug for the adorable one.

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