Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challege: Day 7

Generally, I try to be a pretty happy guy.  The idea of doing an entire blog post about things that make me happy, then, is somewhat baffling.  How do I even begin to narrow things down?  I can be typical and cheesy and talk about my wife, I can show my inner child and talk about Legos, I can be a semi-typical guy and talk about amazing beer, I can do any number of things.  Today, however, I think I'll just prove a point.  Instead of going into depth and trying to explain why something makes me happy or analyze the exact impacts on my mood, I'm going to start typing a list of things that make me happy as they come to mind.  Perhaps this will give some insight into my thought process or some sort of deep revelation about me.  I need to start someplace, so I'll begin with what's in my right hand.

1. Really great micro-brew beer.  Currently drinking Detroit Export from the Detroit Brewing Company.
2. A hot bowl full of homemade spicy chili.
3. The feeling of warm, clean laundry.
4.  A chair that I can sit in all day and not have it go uncomfortable.
5. My wife's smile (I have to be a bit cheesy)
6. Cheese.
7. British humour (Humor is funnier with an extra u, if you weren't aware).
8. Sunsets
9. Sun beams on a cold day.
10.  My cats.
11.  The feeling just as you close your eyes for the night and all of life's troubles melt away and dreams set in.
12.  Legos
13. Waking up on a lazy Saturday morning to my cat doing his best beard impression
14. Crisp autumn mornings
13. Pumpkin (there's nothing jollier than a field full of pumpkins)
14. Naps.
15. Making people laugh.
16. Spending time with friends, drinking and talking about life.
17. Making kilts. 
18. Making people's dreams come true.
19.  The look your boss gives you when he gives you a task and you tell him that it's already done.
20.  Knowing that changes I make to cars at work help to make cars better for our customers.
21.  Sex. 
22.  Hot showers.
23.  Hot chocolate.
24.  Hot tea.
25.  Finishing a good book.
26.  Starting a good book.
27.  Holding a baby.
28.  Giving a baby back to it's mother.
29.  The smell of good leather.
30.  Fresh coffee.
31.  Beating a video game.
32.  Helping people.
33.  Being smarter than somebody.
34.  Tossing my kitten onto the bed.
35.  Knowing that my children will one day sleep holding the same stuffed bunny that I did as a baby.
36.  Doctor Who
37.  Finding new and great restaurants.
38.  Getting compliments.
39.  Cooking.
40.  Getting tattoos.
41.  Looking better in women's shoes than the women who own them.
42.  Being comfortable enough in my sexuality to say the previous comment.
43.  Fighting for what's right in the world.
44.  Making a fool of myself with other nerds.
45.  The sound of hockey skates on ice.
46.  The smell and feel of a hockey arena.
47.  311 concerts.
48.  When my mother gives me the "that's my boy" look.
49.  Teaching people.
50.  Finishing a project

With that, I think I've run out of motivation to keep typing things that make me happy.  Yes, I realize that I've kind of copped out on this post.  There's a short list of topics in the challenge that I find exceedingly difficult and may or may not cop out on.  Today, I'm tired, full, and feeling a little lazy, so you get a cop out.  Tomorrow, I promise a completely legit post.

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