Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

Remember a few days ago when I indicated that I'd be taking a cop out today?  At the time, I said that I'd explain in the future.  Time for an explanation.

I find the idea of a "dream wedding" to be a bit absurd.  Many women grow up with their idea of a dream wedding that they've had since they were a little girl.  I hate to burst the dream bubble of your inner little girl, but "dream weddings" don't happen.  There are any number of reasons, from budget, to not being able to get the location, to your mother disagreeing with you, to any number of other things that not can, but will interfere with your dream.

Since I try my best to not plan too far in advance and maintain flexibility, I've never had a "dream" wedding.  Sure, I've had general ideas.  I wanted a wedding that was fairly small, laid back, fun, and had great food.  I got all of those things.  See, it's silly for me to write about my dream wedding because I've already had it. 

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